V01T3 is a popular drone in Michael's Team. He is a Secondary Commander and he has both physical and weaponry attacks.


Some attributes
First Master:Michael
Second Appearances:Nerf War R, Battle of the Brothers
Third Power Level: 120,000
Other attributes


He was suppose to be in the Nerf War series due to Luxis being his creator but we decided to be in the BOTB series. Before the 1st National War, A meteor has crashed a mile away from Las Vegas during the same events of Luxis's Hunting for unknown items. When he found the meteor, he stole it and broke it by accident. When he dropped it, he found one billion techtonics (a.k.a monicles to create upgrades). It turns out it was enough to power V01T3. When he is fixed, he flew away for unknown reasons but a Mushroom Cloud appered in Canada, it might of been caused by V01T3 however, Michael found him and reprogram him to be in his side.



Gatling Gun

Lightning Rod

Scoped Rifle