The Techtonic Project happened in 2016. Luxis started the project and it spreaded around the world.

The ProjectsEdit

First, he used it to power V01T3 but the Techtonics were to dangerous and decided that it blew up the nearest Navy, Canadian Torchmen. Until Michael found it and hacked him to be on his side.

Second, Michael was a Test Subject in the "Over Limb" Project, when he was injected, Michael's arm cut off. Michael got mad and almost murder Luxis. For now on, he will never test a skin project (even though it was his 1st)

Third, He wants to reanimate powers, he tested it on a wanna-be Ninja and now the ninja has Lightning known as the Lightning Ninja and joined Michael's side in Battle of the Brothers(Game)

Fouth, He wanted to create a good giant robot called Mechagodzilla, but it attacked america until Hectan brainwashed it to be on Masons team for BOTB