Tails Doll
Tails Doll 2
Some attributes
First Master: Mason
Second Power Level: 185,000
Third Power Level(Tails Doll Nukem): 890,000
Other attributes
Tails Doll is one of masons soldiers from battle of the brothers.

Power Level: 185,000

BOTUB Power Level: 890,000

Tails Doll Before Battle of the BrothersEdit

Tails Doll Was a racer, competing in many of the nascar races and winning. One day, Tails Doll was fired from racing due to the tails doll story he read. After that, Tails Doll hunted down the guy who made that up and killed him. After that, tails dolls ultimate enemy, Smile Dog,became famous. From that day forward tails doll trained every day, 23 hours until he became so strong, he could compete with a super saiyan. One day tails doll wondered into Link Nukems lair, and became link nukems assistant, until battle of the brothers began

Tails Doll NukemEdit

During the Begging of Battle of the ultimate bros, After Mason and the rest of U.B.G Was Kidnaped, Masons Soldiers built a fusion machine, and planned to fuse 2 of masons soldiers.They used voting. The Winner was Hectan and Morshu, while tails doll and Duke Nukem where in 2nd place. The fusion with hectan and morshu created Hectshu, who was really slow and not very powerful. They despised that fusion so much that they unfused hectan and morshu and fused tails doll and duke nukem. Tails Doll Nukem was extremly powerful and fast. One day, Tails Doll Nukem met his old archnemesis, Smile Dog. Smile Dog saw tails doll nukem, and challenged him. Smile Dog was no match for tails doll nukem, and Tails Doll nukem bruttally killed smile dog.