Rise of the Veebs takes place after the 1st National War and Michael, Mason, Ivan and Ryan were kidnapped by Veebs and they were sent to a hallusination tank where they dreamed that the Veebs took over during the 1st National War.


Roman Empire: 27 B.C.E-60 C.EEdit

A very long time ago, an evil man called Tanner Veb created an empire called: The Veeb empire. Tanner Veb soon was called Tanner Veeb. Soon, after the desteruction of Ancient Greece, Rome and the Veeb empire had an extreme war, and the Roman Empire won.

Tanner Veebs Return: 1920-1970Edit

Many years after the veeb empire was destroyed, 2 Veebs survived, they used the power of the evil Johnny Upgrade Sorcery to revieve there master, Tanner Veeb, however, Tanner Veeb took all of the J.U Sorcery into his power, and Became evil and unstoppable.50 Years after Tanner Veeb Was revieved, Bruce Lee attacked tanner veeb, and a extreme battle happenend. Bruce Lee won the battle, but he sacrificed himself to defeat Tanner Veeb.

The Tyranny and Chaos of Tanner Veeb: 1975-2011Edit

Tanner Veeb was once again revieved, with even more J.U Sorcery. Tanner Veeb was far stronger then he every was before.After that, Tanner Veeb created every veeb in existence, and took over the earth. The World was being destroyed, but then Angry Fat Guy Decided to put an end to it once and for all.

Angry Fat Guy Vs Tanner Veeb:2011Edit

An extreme Battle happened. AFG Was no match for tanner veeb. So AFG went Super Saiyan, But yet again, that didn't work, Super Saiyan 2 was different. Super Saiyan 2 AFG was easily stronger then Tanner Veeb, but then, Tanner Veeb went into his Dark Form. SS2 A.F.G And Dark Tanner Veeb were balanced.  But then, AFG Decided to Go into SS3, which almost Killed Tanner Veeb, so Tanner Veeb went into his final form and killed AFG.

Alternitve EndingEdit

SS3 A.F.G was being brutally attacked by Tanner Veeb in his final form. AFG was no match for the horrible veeb. AFG Rembered about all his friends and family, and how they where killed by tanner veeb. AFG Had so much rage inside of him that he created a new super saiyan: Super Raging Saiyan. SRS AFG was equal to Tanner Veeb, A.F.G Fired a full power kamehameha, which had the power of everyone who fought against tanner veeb and died. Tanner Veeb used his ultimate attack, Kamehameveeb, They both had so much energy, it destroyed the multiverse.