Nerf War R is the first Nerf War ever made releasing Early 2014. This game takes place in the 1st National War (2021-?).

Story Edit

(see Nerf War for the main Nerf War Story)

Nerf War R might be serious but to us, a few weapons are ridiculous, you know why they called it Nerf War, because of NERF GUNS. The only reason why is because a mad scientist Dr. Luxis who wanted to help the 5 feist victory. However, they saw his unknown son playing w/ a nerf gun until he got an idea. Luxis used alien techtonics from a meteor to overpower it and it turns out it works, however, the other countrys discoverd they plan and made nerf guns for each soldier starting its first Nerf War.  


M1911, SV Dragunov, AK-47, RPG (13 More)

Alysite (11 More)

Gamemodes Edit



R.E.E.F Attack