Nerf War REdit

In Nerf War R , Multiplayer is a communityBold text battle against each other. Up to 24 people online and class customization (w/ new weapons).

Weapons Edit


M1911 , Double Barrel , MP5 , Magnum , AK-47 , RPG , SV Dragunov , Winchester , M60 , (5 more)


Alysite (11 More)


Team Death Match (2-24 People) 2 Teams compete a standerd battle among each other, who ever gets 100 points wins.

Capture the Flag (4-24 People) There are 2 jobs, A: (Main Goal) Capture the Enemys Flag 3 times to win. B: Defend the "good" flag so the enemys wont reach it.

Bomb Squad (2-24 People) 2 Teams must try to set the bomb but if the enemys set it of first, you must defuse it. Who ever sets the bomb 1st wins


None are confirmed

The Sentence WarsEdit

The Sentence Wars Multiplayer is classified and will be revealed soon this July