Michael Linney is a game beyond the events of the 2nd National War.


It is unknown but it does take place in the year 3001, a sad story and an awesome Multiplayer. It does involve Michael (obviously), Luxis, Mason and Ryan.


M1911 7/86 Semi Lv. 1

Double Barrel


Double Action Lv. 2
AK-47 30/240 Auto Lv. 4

SV Dragunov

10/60 Semi Lv. 5
Magnum 6/84 Double Action Lv. 6
R870 Tatical  6/56 Pump Action Lv. 9
Uzi 20/180 Auto Lv. 10
Mosin Naget 5/25 Bolt Fire Lv. 12
RPG 1/5 Free Fire Lv. 15
Riot Shield Melee Melee Lv. 20
FAMAS 30/150 Burst Fire Lv. 21


100/400 Auto Lv. 25
Bow 1/Infinate Free Fire Lv. 32
Flamethrower 100/200 Auto Lv. 45
Mini Gun 550/0 Auto Lv. 60


This is the 1st game that took place 10 years after the 2nd National War

This is the most futuristic game U.B.G history

There is a similar game called World Reinforcments which is a RPG

It seemed that the characters never aged at all. This might be from an Age Lock or a Time Machine.