Micheal is a part of Nerf War and Battle of the Brothers. He is the 2nd big part in U.B.G


Micheal was Luxis's Brother who served in World War I,II and the 1st National War and he is still 21 due to time travel. When Luxis ask Micheal to be a test subject for the Techtonic Project however, Micheal's arm got chopped off and Michael got so mad that he almost murder Luxis. 3 Months past and there are 2 outcomes. The Nerf War Outcome however is unknown.


Michael is now a commander and have the shortest team and he found Mason. They and Masons Friend (Ivan) has to conqure the evil lord before it desroys the universe. In Battle, Micheal is enemys to Mason and Ivan. 


V01T3 is secondary commander in Micheals Team. When he destroid Canada, Michael found him and rehacked him to be in his side. He blew up Canada because he found his manual that wrong elements may become evil. He blew up Canada because of the Techtonic Project


See my weapons in Michael Linney(Game)