Main GamesEdit

These Games are the most Important Games that will eventually have sequals.

Battle of the Brothers (Game) (1-2 Hours)

Nerf War R (4-5 Hours)

Rise of the Veebs (3-4 Hours)

Atom Ant Vs The Evil Cupid (3 Hours)

Adventures of the Angry Fat Guy (5 Hours)

Pokemon Trilogy (2 Hours)

Michael Linney(Game) (4-5 Hours)

Coins to War (2-4 Hours)

Mini/Arcade GameEdit

These Games are lease Important but we still pay attention to them. 

Zombie Defence (1 Hour)

3D Pacman (5-15 Minutes)

Hilarious Pranks (Endless?)

City Life (Endless)

BOTB Creationary (5 Minutes)

The Ballistic Wars (90 minutes)

Spin OffsEdit