Battle of the Brothers(Game) is where brothers compete than join to defeat the Ultimate Evil who will destroy the universe

Missions Edit

1. Detour (V01T3 vs Enemys) Secure the Bridge from the Pirates

2. Haunted (Boo vs Weegie) Defeat the Weegie once and for all

3. Revolusion (Olimar and Angry Fat Guy vs Enemys) 2 Dimensions join Forces

4. Doll Bell (Dolls vs Enemys) The Dolls must save the World

5. Good vs Dark (Kirby vs Meta Knight and Ultimate Dark Marx) Cure the Curse

6. Devil of Animals (Godzilla vs Insanity Wolf) who shall be the animal of the underworld

7. Our Drunken Hero (Nickoli vs Link Nukem) Hillarious drunk Undead Killer vs the Ultimate Link

8. Best Pair Ever (Spongebob and Stewie vs Enemys) Save the crystal in the chum bucket

9. Central Disease Illistrator (CDI Characters vs Enemys) CDI vs CDC