Angry Fat Guy is a character that appears in many games. In Every Game he has a Different Role

Master: Mason Power levels: 200,000(Non Super Saiyan) 999,000( Super Saiyan)


Angry Fat Guy
File:500px-Fat Guy is Angry About Dead Space 3
Some attributes
First Series: None
Second Master: Mason
Third Power Levels( At full power): BOTB: 200,000 ROTV: 800,000,000,000,000,000,000 AOVTEC: 6,500,000,000

AOTAFG: 150,000,000,000

Other attributes
Fourth HP: 2,500
Fifth Apperances: Rise of the Veebs, Battle of the Brothers, Atom Ant Vs Cupid, and Adventures of Angry Fat Guy

Battle of the BrothersEdit

Angry Fat Guy is masons second in command and has been in every battle of the brothers game.

Adventures of the angry fat guyEdit

Angry Fat Guy is one of the main protagonists of the game, along with Angry Fat Bro and Angry Fat Sis

Rise of the VeebsEdit

AFG has a very big role in this game, he one of the last survivors from Tanner Veeb, and put up an amazing fight against the horrible demon. In the alterniteve ending, AFG goes super raging saiyan and kills Tanner Veeb

Atom Ant Vs The Evil CupidEdit

AFG Gives Atom ant 5% of his energy, Allowing atom ant to have enough power to kill cupid